MSIHydrocracker stud removal in overhead position

Leader in Stud & Bolt Removal

Industrial Specialty Services (ISS) employs state of the art technology for expert stud removal, bolt removal, metal disintegration, and nut splitting services. ISS has earned a solid reputation with its clients for rapid response to their needs, cost-effective and time saving specialized products and services, experienced personnel and an excellent safety record since incorporation in 1994.

ISS Studbusters' Services Include:

  • A Rapid Response Team on hand to solve your toughest stud and bolt removal problems.
  • Removal of studs with no damage to housings, mating parts or host assemblies.
  • Stud removal tools that remove studs from 1/2” to 8” diameter in seconds.
  • Metal disintegration machines - the most powerful units available worldwide.

Questions? Call toll-free at 1-855-Ring-ISS (746-4477)