MSIHydrocracker stud removal in overhead position

Worldwide Leader in Stud & Bolt Removal

Mechanical Services, LLC (MSI) employs state of the art technology for expert stud removal, bolt removal, metal disintegration, and nut splitting services. MSI has earned a solid reputation with its clients for rapid response to their needs, cost-effective and time saving specialized products and services, experienced personnel and an excellent safety record since incorporation in 1994.

MSI Services Include:

  • A Rapid Response Team on hand to solve your toughest stud and bolt removal problems.
  • Removal of studs with no damage to housings, mating parts or host assemblies.
  • Stud removal tools that remove studs from 1/2” to 8” diameter in seconds.
  • Metal disintegration machines - the most powerful units available worldwide.

Mechanical Services, LLC is proud to announce that it has formed a partnership with MAESTRANZA DIESEL, LTDA., a leading service provider in Chile for 68 years. As its partner in Chile, as well as all of South America, Maestranza Diesel will be the sole provider of metal disintegration services, as well as stud and bolt removal services. Their website: http://www.md.cl.

Some of MSI’s clients: Some of our clients

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