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Stud Removal

ISS' Stud Removal services and our specialized tools were designed after years of research and development. Historically in all facets of industry, studs, bolts and pins have been a major time-consuming and financially-draining experience for maintenance managers around the world. The conventional means of removing studs has been to double nut and attempt to back off, or weld a nut on the stud and then try to hammer it out. In each case, time and manpower are put to extremes. After using the aforementioned methods, approximately half the studs will be removed with some damage to either the housing, the studs, or both in most cases. The primary reason these methods prove to be ineffective is side loading—the mechanical binding of the threaded surfaces against each other. When this occurs, heat builds up due to friction within the threads of the stud and housing, which, in turn, creates a gall and prevents the stud from being removed. If attempts are made to remove a stud hydraulically, the gall created by this friction will be carried through the housing, ultimately tearing out the threads.

Hydrocracker Stud Removal in Overhead Position

ISS' services use techniques and tools that have solved the side-loading problem. Our stud removal tools use pneumatic energy, through air guns, to power our equipment. This accomplishes two things: (1) it removes all side loading, and (2) it reduces stud torsion which is accomplished as follows: Our tool, attached to an air gun, fits over the stud. When the air gun is turned on, the jaws on the inside of the stud are forced inward (centripetal force), caused by two cams machined on the inside diameter of the stud tool. The jaws ride on the cams until they close and lock on the stud. These jaws are 180° apart thereby creating an equal gripping force around the stud. The tool is designed to be center driven, which transfers 99% of the energy from the air gun to the tool and stud. The torque and harmonics from the air gun break the static hold on the stud and allow it to be freed. Consequently, the tool locks on the stud and, thus, becomes part of the stud. Unlike a welded-on nut, it does not bounce on the stud. In most cases even the largest studs are removed in seconds with no heat build up in the threaded housing, and no damage to the threaded portion.

Please contact usfor further information or to arrange a demonstration of our labor saving stud removal services at our facility.

Stud Removal Times

Stud Size Time
1/2" to 1" 2 seconds
1-1/8" to 1-1/2" 3 seconds
1-5/8" to 2" 4 seconds
2-1/8" to 2-3/4" 7 seconds
3" to 4" 10 seconds
4" to 5" 12 seconds