Mechanical Services, LLC. MSI


Let me first start out saying that your organization is a class act. We were impressed with the quick response ... Your tools were in excellent condition, well organized and the guys knew exactly where everything was. We are not use to this happening this way.

The work crew was customer focused, highly motivated and friendly. They answered questions and took time to explain the EMD process and equipment. They knew we had a tight schedule and they stayed on task until the job was completed.

Our job went well with no surprises because of good planning and communication before MSI arrived at the job. They had exactly what was needed, i.e. correct size cutting tools.

I would recommend this technique to remove broken bolting and would highly recommend MSI for the job. The cost was very reasonable considering the degree of difficulty in the removing bolts, the time saved using this technique and the finished results.

Their estimates on arrival time and time to perform the job were right on.

It is innovative tooling such as yours that helps us in our quest for shorter and shorter plant outages. We look forward to exploring other applications for your tooling in our plant in the very near future.

Bill and the guys did an excellent job for us, presented themselves and acted in a professional manner on-site, and left the work area as clean as they found it. I would have them back on any of my sites.